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How To Wear ‘The Bold And Beautiful’ Retro Jewelry?

The Spring season is here and it looks like we are ready to see a shift in style this year. Look at the dainty jewelry models wore on the runway last year, rings from the sixties, oversized hoops, and colorful pieces. All these pieces of jewelry made a bold statement in 2019 and we are ready for more this year. It seems like we will see more sculptural pieces this year with mod rings and retro-inspired collection. After all, the on-going spring collection has already made a bold statement by showcasing magnificent mid-century types of styles.

Retro stepped foot in the jewelry industry with platinum and precious gems. The trend entered almost every jewelry store and the scale of the trend remained big and flashy. However, the jewelry is now more accessible than it was earlier because of the availability of the material. This is one look that has appeared and disappeared from time to time. And the good news is retro-inspired jewelry will make a definitive impact this year. So, if you are headed to a jewelry store to purchase retro type jewelry, you might want to take a look at this post because we are here to guide you on how to wear retro jewelry. Let’s Begin. 

Always Check The Size of Retro Necklaces 

Retro necklaces are usually short and tightly designed. This means you have to be careful about the fit and size of the necklace. Although if you love a little free space around your neck, you could add some length to the necklace by attaching a piece to the clasp. Yet, I suggest that it’s best to not hinder a valuable piece of jewelry. 

Do Not Wear Suites of Retro Jewelry All at Once

If you are a retro jewelry fan and you wait for new retro jewelry designs to come every year. This is something you always need to keep in mind. You see retro jewelry is all about making a bold fashion statement. To do so you have to make sure that you keep the minimalistic idea of the fashion industry in mind. For instance, a retro bracelet that will go with every outfit in your wardrobe. Or else retro earrings along with a white t-shirt and jeans. The style will look both simple and bold at the same time. 

Wear Retro Necklaces Alone With Plain White T-shirt

Retro necklaces come in all types of shapes and sizes. As a matter of fact, you can even customize them. However, there is one little tricky part here about wearing necklaces. The design of such necklaces allows for fewer alterations, but you can ask the concerned jewelers to make minimum changes without hampering the design of the jewelry. Also, a white t-shirt with a retro necklace is something you can rock at any time of the year. 

When In Doubt, Pick Tailored Pieces

The beauty of tailored pieces is that they are unique and everybody wants one piece in their jewelry collection. For example, a sterling silver bracelet. This bracelet is iconic and goes with almost any outfit. So, steer away from jewelry fashion fails and always pick an iconic piece, tailored according to your personal requirements. In fact, you can even ask your jeweler to make a customized piece according to the latest jewelry trend. This way you’ll make a trendy and enigmatic fashion statement at the same time. 

Wear Retro Hair Clips on Your Waist and Hair

If you happen to have a pair of retro clips, do not wear both of them together. You can wear them at odd angles. Like on the neckline and on even on the waist. You see you might be wondering but how to wear those ubiquitous pairs at odd angles? Because these sets were worn as matched pairs in the 1940s. See, it is very simple, you can wear the bigger pieces on the waist and the smaller ones on the hair. Especially if your retro piece is all jeweled up and sparkly but don’t forget to secure them properly. Local shops like jewelry Pittsburgh can help greatly with this

Always Remember Most Retro Earrings are Heavy

Now, if you plan on replacing ear clips with posts, in my personal opinion it is not a good idea. As the subtitle suggests most retro earrings will be heavy. So, you have to make sure that you don’t try to experiment with jewelry especially designed for the ears. I remember back in my college days I tried to do the same and ended up with a lot of pain because trust me those clips are painful. So, make sure you choose to wear retro earrings with care. 

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