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How to Spend a Sunday Properly?

How to Spend a Sunday Properly?

Sundays are to relax but relaxing does not mean you have to spend the whole day in bed and then crib about it next week.

It is important to spend a sunday properly, in a disciplined manner so that you can relax and prepare yourself for the next week.

Here are a few tips that can help you spend a sunday properly.

Wake Up Earlier Than You Normally Would

It is okay to sleep in, on a sunday but that should not mean you spent half of the day in bed alone. Wake up earlier than you normally would. However, it does not necessarily have to be exactly when you wake up on weekdays. Like, if you wake up at 5 on weekdays, get out of bed at around 7 on a sunday. This will make sure that your regular routine isn’t affected by a sunday and you can easily go back to waking up at 5 from monday.

Enjoy a Slow Morning All by Yourself

Now that you are out of bed, have a calm, slow, relaxing morning. You don’t have to go anywhere so there is literally no rush. Enjoy your cup of freshly brewed coffee, read your favorite book, play your favorite music, dump your thoughts and ideas in a journal, work out, go out for a walk or run, or just simply sit and meditate for a while. Basically do everything that allows you to start your day and the week peacefully, with a clear mind.

Now, it may get a little confusing for you to decide what activities to pick and in what order. I personally found it difficult initially and so I set a routine for this as well. I love routines and having a clear idea really helps in avoiding the confusion that can guide you back to the bed and mindless scrolling.

So, how I plan my morning “me time” is, I wake up, get out of bed, brush my teeth, splash some cold water on my face to completely wake up. Then I go out in fresh air and let the air wake me up again. I stand still, close my eyes and deep breathe for 5 to 7 times and then come back inside. After that, I like to do morning pages, it allows me to dump everything I have in my mind in 3 pages and I believe it really helps me have a clear head space. I, then, make my bed and head to the kitchen where I brew coffee and simultaneously make my breakfast. I have pre-decided my Sunday breakfast toast with eggs. It’s extremely easy to make and I don’t have to waste my time thinking about what I should eat. I take my breakfast and coffee to the living room where I sit, plan my day (I write a to-do list that includes every task, from doing dishes to washing my hair), have my breakfast and then read a book while having my coffee.

Do the Chores

After spending good quality time with yourself, it is now time to start getting things done. Start with cleaning your house and then move to doing things for yourself. Dishes, laundry, managing cupboard, cleaning floor, washroom, rearranging cabinets should be a priority. Why? Because you can do this on weekends only. After that you can do chores like oiling/washing your hair, preparing meals for the week, learning something, playing games, going through social media, or talking to your friends and family.

Do Something to Enhance Your Skills

If you are like me, you would regret spending time on social media. Of course, we all love scrolling through the internet, relating to the memes and reels, tweeting about what is happening but later we regret because the time wasted cannot be brought back. If you are like that, I highly recommend spending time doing things that will teach you something. You can watch a documentary online, pursue a short, online course for free, enroll yourself in programs that can help you learn about something that you always wanted to do, paint, or even play games like minecraft. Check out these New Minecraft Servers, they are amazing.

If you are wondering how playing Minecraft can help you, let me tell you studies have found that playing video games is actually very beneficial. Video games can improve your problem solving skills, decision making skills, boost your confidence, and develop your mind better. Not to forget they can even help you socialize better.

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