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How to make your dog more active in 2020?

Having a dog can be one of the most exciting experiences of your life. They are cheerful, energetic, and keep you pumped up. Well, are all dogs like that? Not really! Just like humans, every dog is different. There are multiple factors that dictate a dog’s behavior. These include breed, training, diet, and any history of abuse. Do you think your dog is lazy? Do they nod their heads in resistance when you plan to take them out for a walk? Don’t stress! There are multiple ways to bring an element of activeness in your dog. 

Everything starts with training

No matter what breed it is, training is important. It goes a long way in giving direction to your dog’s behavior. Always train your dog to be active. Develop a schedule and stick to it. For instance, figure out a time for morning and evening walks. Dogs are particularly fond of exploring. So, don’t let your home be the only source of adventure. Take them out and let them explore. Once you develop a habit, your dog will be eager to head out on its own. Think of some fun games. ‘Fetch the ball’, and ‘hide and seek’ are some exciting games that can bring an element of activeness in your dog. 

Pay attention to the diet

emotional support dog

A good diet is very important to keep your dog’s energy quotient high. Well, there are vast differences between a dog and a man’s diet. Salt and sugar are particularly very toxic for dogs. So, you should avoid giving snacks or sweets to your dogs. Instead, feed them fresh meat. Dogs need a high source of protein to match their physical needs. Pay attention to the dog food you purchase from the super stores. Most contain fillers that can be harmful for your dog’s health. Ideally, you should read the labels and check the nutrient quotient they contain. With a good diet, your canine can pack more power and energy into life. If you observe a drop in your dog’s energy levels, pay attention to it’s diet. Chances are that an insufficient diet is fueling the laziness in your dog. 

Take them on a holiday

If you have been owning a dog for a while, changes are that it might get bored of the surroundings. Everyone needs a tinge of excitement in their lives. Surely, your dog needs it too. A good idea is to plan a trip with your dog and load it with a thrilling experience. It’s not just about the place, it’s about the journey too. Well, there are a few things you need to take care of. If you’re mental health patient and planning to take your emotional support dog on a flight, you’ll need a ESA letter to earn the right to take your dog with you.

The airline needs a proof to certify that you’re someone who needs the presence of a canine for mental stability.  It’s not just limited to that. Pack a separate bag for your fur baby. Keep all the essentials like vest, and food. This will ensure your entire travel is smooth and hassle-free. Don’t forget to capture the exciting moments during traveling. If your dog ever happens to feel low, you can flash the pictures and fill them with excitement again. 

Spend time with your dog

Nothing equates physical presence. When you are an owner, you should invest time in your dog. If you’re a working professional, devoting time to your canine could be pretty tough. So, try to incorporate some changes. Dogs are fond of attention. So, if you’re someone who is not giving them ample time, they’ll feel bored over a span of time. As an owner, you should carve out some time for your dog on priority. When you spend more time with your pet, it will feel more driven to indulge in activities with you. Include them in your plans. For instance, you can plan a workout with your dog. It will keep it excited to be with you. Over time, it will develop into a habit and you will observe a change in its behavior. 

Introduce them to new dog friends

There’s a notion that every dog hates other dogs. If you have a dog, you must have observed that it barks when it sees your neighbor’s dog. Well, it’s a natural instinct that you cannot stop. A lot depends on training too. So, it’s better that you train your dog to behave properly with other dogs. Now, the fact that it meets other dogs can be very helpful if your dog is lazy. It can add new friends in their life and fill it with a new sense of excitement. 

I’m sure with these basics, you can make your dog more active. Got any other plans? We’ll be glad to know!

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