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How to Keep Your Pets Happy and Healthy During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

COVID-19 has emerged as a major challenge for all of us. Well, it’s not just limited to humans, pets are equally affected. If you’re getting bored indoors, your pets must be feeling the same. So, it’s your duty to take care of them. If you’re worried about keeping them happy and safe, the following tips can help you. 

Stock up in advance

Just like you would stock up your supplies, you should also collect enough for your fur babies. A good idea is to buy at least a month’s supply. With limited stores in operation, it’s better to have extra goods at hand. Food and sanitization should be your top priority but that’s not the only thing you need. Make sure you buy some pet litter and medicines too. You might need them in an emergency. 

Exercise is important

The fact that you can’t access outdoor spaces freely means that you can only indulge in limited physical activity. Well, you might not go out for a stroll with your pooch, but there is a lot you can do at home too. Make the best use of indoor spaces like lawn or your hallway. You can play some fun games like fetch, hide and seek, or just a normal snuggle is great to get you charged up. A good idea is to make a schedule. If your pet has been lazy lately, start slow, and gradually increase the intensity and frequency. For instance, start with a morning stroll in your garden and when you sense your pet is fine with it, you can do the same thing in the evening. Exercising will ensure that your pet stays in good shape and doesn’t gain much weight in quarantine. Dogs and cats are at an increased risk of health issues like heart disease, and diabetes if they gain an abnormal weight. So, bringing an element of physical activity will keep these things in check. 

Diet is important

Once you develop a good exercise routine, it’s important that you match it with the right diet. That’s because when your pet spends energy in some physical activity, it will need something to replenish. A good diet acts as a fuel to the body and will charge them up. Due to the risk of the coronavirus, it’s important that you feed them the right balance of vitamins and minerals to build their immunity. If you are new to owning pets, you should contact a certified veterinary doctor. They can evaluate your pet and offer the right advice based on their analysis. This step is important because the size, weight, and age of your pet dictate the kind and amount of food you’ll feed them. So, the veterinary doctor can provide you with valuable information about the nutritional needs of the pet. Ask them to prepare a diet chart for your pet. So, you can follow the information and use it to feed your pet correctly. While doing this, it’s important that you respect the social distancing rules. A good idea is to contact a doctor that offers telemedicine services. You won’t have to visit the clinic physically and you can access all the help you need from the comfort of your home. 

Monitor their moods

While you’re doing your best to feed them properly and take care of their health, it’s important to maintain a check on their moods. Ensure you spend enough time and pamper them with your attention and love. Cuddles and snuggles are perfect to give their mood a boost. In addition, you can use this time in quarantine to train your pet and develop a deep bond. If you’re not sure how to get started with training, you can watch some online videos and get an insight into animal training. Keep an eye on their behavior and introduce some new games that can keep them mentally active. For instance, you can transform a simple game of fetch to make it more interesting. You can experiment with different colored balls and instruct them to pick the color based on your commands. Similarly, hide their treats in empty boxes and make them find it. They’ll work extra hard and this will make them productive. A good session of fun games can give them a good boost. Believe it or not but animals can feel depression and anxiety too. If they are happy, they’ll also add a new dimension to your life. A lot of people also keep an emotional support dog to keep themselves mentally sane. This means that the relationship with pets is something that works mutually. Both contribute to coexist happily. 

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