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How Important Is Health and Hygiene During The Coronavirus Pandemic ?

The year 2020 is going through one of the hardest times in history. The coronavirus outbreak that once could only be seen in China, has now traveled to the other end of the world and affected millions. So, different nations have come together to fight the battle against COVID-19. Scientists are giving their 100 percent to come out with a vaccine as quickly as possible. Medical professionals are up day and night, caring for the patients. Essential businesses are open to provide aid and assistance to every individual. 

So, when every person in the front-lines is giving their best to keep their people safe. It’s time for us to do our part as well. How? By maintaining our health and hygiene.

Since COVID-19 is very contagious. We must work out ways to keep our body healthy and follow proper hygiene. This combination of health and hygiene is right now the only proven and effective method for preventing COVID-19.

How does health and hygiene control the spread of COVID-19?

Some of you may question how proper health and hygiene is effective against the novel coronavirus. Well, for that you must first know how this virus spreads.

How does COVID-19 spread?

COVID-19 includes symptoms like cough, sneeze and fever. When an infected person coughs or sneezes, the virus travels with the respiratory droplets and infects the person in close proximity (within 6 feet). Similarly, when the infected person coughs or sneezes onto their hands and then touches some other object. They contaminate the object and increase the probability of transmission to other people. 

So in conclusion, you can get infected either by inhaling the respiratory droplets. Or by touching the contaminated surface. This is why it is important to maintain proper hygiene. Keeping this in mind, here are some ways you can avoid such contact and keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Tips to maintain proper hygiene

Keep your Hands clean

We use our hands for everything. This makes them the most vulnerable part of the body that can catch the virus. However, the virus isn’t effective unless it gets inside your body. Because it needs a living cell to work. And one of the many ways it gets into the body is via mucus membranes that are located in our eyes, nose and mouth. But did you know that we touch our face at least 23 times per hour? And 44 percent of this contact is with mucus membranes. 

This is why you must nip the virus in the bud. So, wash your hands as frequently as possible with water and soap for at least 20 seconds. Once you are done, dry them with a towel and apply a moisturizer. This is important because you do not want your hands to crack which can make it easier for the virus to enter your body. 

Always keep a Sanitizer

You may not have access to water and soap at all times. This is why you must keep a hand sanitizer with you. Always. When you go buy groceries, use a sanitizer before using the cart and picking up fruits and vegetables. Also, avoid unnecessary touching of items.

What to look for in a sanitizer?

Steer clear from non-alcohol sanitizers. They may help kill the microbes but not be effective against viruses. Go for alcohol based (isopropyl or ethanol) sanitizers with at least 60 percent alcohol. Also, check for expiry dates before buying one. However, remember that sanitizers are not as effective as washing hands with soap and water. 

Use protective gear where necessary

Protective gear includes masks and gloves. But, you don’t need them if you are healthy and show no symptoms of COVID-19. However, if you are coughing and sneezing or are working around an infected person. You must stay protected and wear a tight fitting mask and gloves. Also, if you live in an area with a high number of positive cases. Then you must wear protective gear every time you go out. 

Keep surfaces clean

As I have already mentioned. You can contract the virus through contaminated surfaces. While you cannot really control the contamination outside your house. But, you can ensure that your home is disinfected. So, clean your house with disinfectants. Especially places that are used repeatedly like doorknobs, fridge handles, kitchen counters etc.

Follow a routine

Along with maintaining proper hygiene, you must follow a routine to stay fit and healthy during quarantine. Here are some things you can adopt.


You must care about your wellness during this time of crisis. One of the many ways to do that is by making a home gym. You don’t need a lot. Grab yourself some dumbbells, a treadmill or just buy one of the best recumbent bike in the market. And start burning some calories. You can even get free memberships for online dance classes for a fun time.


It is important to follow a nutritious diet at this time. Because not only will it support your immune system but also keep you in a healthy mental state. Also, do not forget to keep yourself hydrated. Drink water as it helps flush all toxins out of your body. Keeps your immune system healthy and ensures that your body functions properly.

Avoid smoking

Your lungs are the most crucial part of your body amid the coronavirus outbreak. As COVID-19 is a respiratory disease. You need to ensure that your lungs are healthy. So avoid smoking for some time.

Final thoughts

Our fight with COVID-19 has to be a collective effort to be successful. By maintaining hygiene and ensuring you are healthy. You not only keep yourself at bay from the virus. But also keep others safe. So, make sure you isolate yourself and follow the mantra of health and hygiene during the coronavirus pandemic.

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