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Eat Your Way Through Disneyland This New Year

Some places on this planet start out one way but transform into something else entirely. The happiest place on earth has a similar graph. What started out as a simple turkey leg and dole whip combination has now morphed into a culinary experience in itself. 

Eating at Disneyland is now a culture. You have hundreds of Instagram accounts all dedicated to cataloging the wonders hidden deep within the Disney world. This has directly affected how Disney now structures its food. There are previously unseen things like mobile food and beverage ordering that have come into existence. 

If you are someone who doesn’t mind shelling out a little bit more for the food in theme parks, then here are the places you need to try out when you go to Disneyland. Probably another thing to tick off on your bucket list.

Carthay Circle Restaurant and Lounge 

This is the benchmark for Disney fine dining. It has a retro elegance juxtaposition with impeccable service and the wholesome food that matches up to the hype. The food is what sets this place apart and is match-able to anything else that you can find in the steakhouses and bistros in Newport beach offer. 

You start out at the lounge, where tables are available if you want to indulge in a couple of small plates. Start with a Tequila Daisy while you sit in the middle of archival photos of Walt Disney. 

Once you move upstairs, try to get a seat in the balcony patio which gives a perfect view of the fireworks over the Sleeping Beauty Castle. 

Specialties to try Out? The blue crab lettuce cups and lemongrass-ginger chicken satay.

Club 33

This much-hyped, rarely entered, next to impossible to move into speakeasy-style eatery is pretty good. Often the menu here might seem a bit old fashioned and stuffy but it is also very delicious. This is also probably the only place where you can have cocktails while you’re in the magic kingdom. Half the fun is in doing the forbidden. 

But I won’t count on ever actually trying out this place. It is extremely difficult to get into unless you know a couple of right people in the right places. 

Galaxy’s Edge 

This one is a nerd favorite. Anyone visiting this place would probably end up making a beeline for either make your own lightsaber or the Millennium Falcon. But the food options are the ones that are extremely good. Docking Bay 7 has the enforian tip-yip and a Mediterranean style salad along with plant-based kefta.  

Alternatively, you can grab a pork wrap and Sour Sarlacc from Ronto Roasters. If you want to enjoy some cocktails then Oga’s Cantina is the place to be. Also, an instant classic is the green and blue milk, which are both good but the green wins by a slight margin. 

Harbor Galley

Some Places don’t look like much but pack a punch. One of these places is a slightly secluded seafood stand called Harbor Galley. Located close to splash mountain and a bone’s throw from the haunted mansion. They have the best lobster rolls and bisque. 

Little Red Wagon Corn Dogs

Often you will hear people refer to that corn dog stand at the end of  Main Street. This is that stand. The menu is simple. Either you get a plain corn dog or you get one with a specialty dip. This dip changes on a daily basis. 

The line here is often long, so you can enjoy a corn dog at Corn Dog Castle or Hot Dog Hut.  

Tropical Hideaway 

Somewhere on the crossroads of Adventureland, you will see The Tropical Hideaway. This is a quick-service location that has the famous Dole Whip on the menu. This place offers a Morrocan fare but the one disk you should try out is the Baos, available in spicy vegetables, bulgogi beef, and lime chicken. 

Blue Bayou Restaurant 

This is a classic fixture located right next to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Anyone who goes on the ride can smell delectable scents coming from this place. And that aroma does not lie. The food here is heavenly and a little hard to get. Sop, reserve hours prior if you don’t want to wait. 

Once inside try citrus chicken, risotto and the seven-layer cake. 

When it comes to Disneyland, all this is just the tip of the iceberg. But we will explore more some other day. For the time being, these are the places you should not miss out on. Hope you enjoy the food at the happiest place on earth. 

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