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5 Ways Art Benefits Your Children During Quarantine

How to keep your child busy during this lockdown and an ongoing pandemic? A question that troubles each and every parent! Their constant nagging and asking for attention has made parents so furious.

Office, schools, and institutions have been shut down, and we all are stuck at our homes. Why not indulge your child in art forms? It can be a practicing theatre, drawing, dancing, or music. There are vast options available for each child type.

Art is the best form of expression. Whether one is sad or happy, he or she can express through art. However, psychologists believe that art is good for people of any age. It is better to teach artistic value to children from their formative years. Art has the ability to change perception and attitude towards life and others.

Here are a few reasons why art is good for your children:

Develops Motor Skill

When your child indulges in different art lessons, the motor skills develop. The child’s small muscles in hands, wrists, and fingers get exercised. The muscles strengthen with continuous involvement and also helps a child to make writing easier.

Whether it is scribbling on a white paper with crayons and brushes or playing strings of instruments or maybe twisting and turning on some music- they all help in physical activities.

So, next time you go shopping, get a drawing pad, and a set of colors for your child. Let their inner creativity spill all over that blank page.

Infuses Creativity

When you expand their horizon of creativity, they will blossom as great artists. As your child will indulge more in drawings and paintings, he or she will become more imaginative. They pour their thoughts via figures. Drawings always express what one sees and thinks!

It is not limited to drawings. Even dancing and music composition bring creativity. Do not confuse creativity with skills or talent or intelligence. It develops with experience. Let your child explore, discover, think, and imagine.

You should know that creativity emerges from various experiences in a child’s life. You can also join your children in drawing or dancing. It is the best opportunity to explore yourself as a parent.

Boosts Self Esteem & Self Expression

Art brings confidence. If your child has one artistic interest and they are very good at it, then it will definitely give a boost to your self-esteem.

There are many art activities for your child to involve in boosting their self-esteem. How about craft ideas? Bring some items to take out time and go crafting!

Children lack patience. Now, when your little angel is stuck with you, sit with them, and teach them how to play with origami papers or make little items out of things. Give them a task to complete to stay busy. Till then, you can complete your work and household chores. Would not you be relieved?

Enhance Focus

Art can improve your child’s focus. Involving your brain into something creative and innovative will help in better focus. It eliminates all negative feelings, reduces stress and anxiety.

This lockdown has come hard on all of us, and children are no exception. So, if your children get lost in art and let the brain and body relax, it improves health.

Once you feel calm, you will feel more concentrated on the work you will be doing. Hence, this is the best way to teach your child to focus on one thing efficiently. Make this coronavirus to indulge your child into activities to improve their focus

Improves Academic Performance

Why do you think schools encourage children to take up extracurricular activities? It is solely because a child’s brain develops when his brain is active and involved in its capacity. Books are not very appealing to every child. Plus, children need an outlet for their emotions.

Each child faces so many emotions in his course of development- whether it is at home or at school. So, if your child is involved in art, then their attention towards studies also improves. They perform better at their classes as their mind is decluttered. Their grades improve. Also, there will be a significant change in their behavior towards their peer and at home.

Coronavirus has offered us ample time to teach discipline and various skills to our children. Just spend some time think and analyze what is best for your child. Push them in that direction. Motivate them for their better future.

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