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5 Best Places to Visit in Cumbria

Cumbria is home to England’s highest peaks and it is a land of magnificent lakes. Nearly all the places in Cumbria consists of lakes, dells, fells, parks, historic architecture, and parks. Flooded with outdoor escapades and some of the amazing tourist destinations, this beautiful island has a lot more to offer than you think. So, what are you waiting for? The mighty mountains, natural splendor, serene lakes, and stunning scenery of Cumbria awaits your arrival. 

Let’s explore Cumbria and see what it has to offer. 

Grasmere Village – Once Home to William Wordsworth

You can take a trip back in time and set foot in Grasmere village. It was once home to the famous poet William Wordsworth (1170-1850)and it is probably one of the famous villages Cumbria has to offer. Well, we can all thank William for that. 

William lived in the Dove cottage along with his sister in 1799 until he moved to a different place in 1807. No wonder Grasmere is one of the favorite destinations among tourists. 

Also, if you are looking forward to exploring the entire village, don’t forget to stop by Sarah Nelson’s Gingerbread cottage. Tucked in the heart of Grasmere, this cottage has some of the delicious Gingerbreads. You must try them and then move ahead on the roads of Grasmere surrounded by cute little cottages and spectacular fells. 

Tarn Hows – Man-made stunning spot 

Tarn Hows was created after the damnation of a beck in the Victorian era. It is one of the most spectacular spots to visit in Cumbria. You can make the most of this place by gazing at the quintessential English landscape.  

And the good news is, Tarn Hows is a made of three tarns termed as high, low, and middle. Interestingly, the area was purchased by the famous Beatrix Potter in 1929 and she left the tarns to the National Trust.

Situated two miles away from Coniston, this magnificent place also offers some of the spectacular views. You can easily walk around a 1.8-mile circular tarn or rent a scooter to take a countryside tour. 

Scafell Pike – Great Britain’s Highest Mountain

If you are a bit adventurous and love a good adrenaline rush, then go right up the street and visit Scafell Pike. It is a 978 meters high mountain surrounded by stunning lakes and fells. 

Turns out Scafell Pike is not just a mighty mountain but it leads its way to beautiful destinations and spectacular fells. You can start from Wasdale, make your way into Wastwater, a beautiful lake and then go ahead see Kirk Fel, Red Pike, Great Gable, and of course the magnificent Scafell Pike.  

Coniston Boating Center – An Ideal Spot For Experiencing Tranquility

On the banks of Constin Water, you will find the Coniston Boating Center. You are most certainly to be driven by the charms of this beautiful place. Not only this but you will also enjoy the beauty of Coniston’s Waters. In fact, it is an ideal place for romantic couples and one can easily notice how remarkably beautiful Coniston is. 

You will also find a series of boats on the banks of the river along with a tour guide to help you sail across the river water. In case you are visiting Coniston Boating center with your family, you should rent an entire boat to avoid the distractions caused by other travellers. And always remember that Coniston Waters are the best way to immerse yourself in beauty and tranquility. 

Hardknott Fort – Roman Remains 

Rome was not built in a day and neither was this Roman Fort. Situated on the western side of the Hardknott pass, this place will take you back to the 2nd century. It is an archaeological site that was found under Hadrian’s rule and can be easily traced from a faraway distance. 

If you are in Cumbria, visiting this ancient site is a must. You can rent a vehicle or get a taxi app UK to take a tour of the well-marked remains of the fort. 

Instead, as soon as you visit this place you will feel an instant connection to the remains of the commandments house, headquarter building, and a bathhouse as major attractions. The fort visit will not cost you a single penny. So make sure that you make the most of it by also seeing the parade grounds located right beside the Hardknott Fort. 

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