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Why Is Having a Dog the Best Thing For You?

Let me guess, you are a dog lover aren’t you? Why else would you be reading this blog? But, are you on the fence about whether or not you should get one for yourself? I understand what it’s like to always be mesmerized by dogs and their wagging tails but not have enough courage to get one for yourself. But, hear me when I say that getting a dog is the best thing for you. 

Not convinced? I have 5 reasons that will make you call the animal shelter in no time. 

They Keep You Occupied

Dogs are like babies. You have to care for them throughout their life. They don’t have the sense to figure what’s right and what’s not. So, you’ll have to train them to be a little more controllable. Your days will go by giving them treats and asking for paw.

That’s not the only way they’ll take up your time. Dogs have a chewing habit at a certain stage of their growth cycle. So you may have a leaky pipe because of your dog’s gnawing habit. Thankfully, you can call the emergency plumber in Cheltenham and get it fixed. But, you may want to save the number because it will happen a lot for some time. 

You Mood is Always Better Around Them

Have you noticed your ever growing smile around dogs? That squeaky voice change and babytalk? That’s not just because you love dogs but also because your body has a chemical reaction that makes you happier around a furball. Scientifically speaking, your interaction with a dog increases your oxytocin levels and decreases the cortisol levels. This change in hormones results in happier feelings. As long as you have a good relationship with your dog, being around them will have a mood boosting effect on you. 

You’ll Always Have a Friend

Dogs are goofy, sensitive and always full of life. Everytime they are around you, you’ll know that you have a friend who is always happy to see you. Come home after a long time and they’ll greet you like a long lost lover. Coming back to such cheer is always something I look forward to. 

You’ll enter a give and take relationship where you give them by taking care of their health and hygiene and they give you back with immense love and friendship. 

Dogs are the most loyal friends. They understand you, comfort you when needed and be a non-judgemental listener. If a dog could speak i’m sure it would say that ’you have a friend in me.’

You’ll Get Physical Activity in Your Routine

We always try hard to become healthier. Some try to meditate while others get intense with physical workouts. But, did you know that getting a dog will naturally make you more active? That’s right. Every morning, the dog will wake you up on time to feed them and go out for a walk. It will happen again in the afternoon and the evening and the cycle goes on everyday. And you can’t procrastinate because if you do, you’ll either have a noisy or a stinky house. 

Dogs also need physical activity besides their regular walks. So, you will have to workout a plan to make your dog more active

So, are you convinced that having a dog is the best thing for you? If yes, then how about you take your phone, reach out to a shelter and find the perfect dog for yourself. Make sure you adopt and not buy. This way you will help the abandoned furry friend find a better home and get the companion you need at the same time. 

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