The Know-How Guide to Drinking More Water in Winters

Winters and water never go together. As soon as cold winds and snow hit, you skip drinking water. Or I can say you don’t feel the thirst. Reminding ourselves every hour to sip water is even torturous sometimes. I, too, agree that doing this repetitively seems very dull. And that’s why people also drink lesser. But as we know, our body is 70 percent water. Not consuming it properly is very harmful to our overall health. However, with some simple tricks, we can maintain the water table of our bodies. This guide will help you in increasing your daily water consumption. So, let’s read on together. 

Add Some Flavors

Things become easy when you infuse fun in them. Water is just a regular liquid. Maybe, drinking it the whole day seems boring to you. But, when you add different flavors in water, it adds to the taste well. And you don’t even realize that you’re drinking continuously.

Adding one or two drops of lemon can work as the natural detox for you. At the same time, all your drinking problems get solved without hassles. You consume more water than usual and show enthusiasm to drink more. The seasonal changes go out of your mind when you add flavors in. 

Drink After Every Pee Break

It’s common that the more we drink water, the more often we use washrooms. But, for this, it’s essential to drink a glass of water after every pee session. Otherwise, our body will not be able to battle with the climatic variations. Water is the biggest regulator of body temperature. You know it well! Linking the custom of drinking water after going to the bathroom is an excellent idea. Whether you are in the office or home, make sure after peeing, you take a glass full of water and drink it. I find this habit of a self-fulfilling prophecy. I drink, and I regularly use washrooms. It helps me in keeping myself fit and hydrated all day long.

Sip Before, Not After

Drinking water after meals can bloat you. It somehow disturbs the digestion as well as make you fat. On the other hand, sipping water before meals has its own benefits. For instance, if you’re heating your food, fill a glass of water and sip it slowly until your food is on the stove.

Right after, eat. This way, your food gets the easy route to reach your excretory system. Also, you can avoid overeating. So, isn’t it an excellent idea? Just a single action is promoting drinking more water and weight management at the same time. 

Use Tracking App

Well, who doesn’t like the idea of alarms or reminders? I don’t think there is someone who can say no. At least, I admire the concept. Technology is there to help us in every realm of life. Then why are we behaving like hippies? We don’t have to! There are various apps nowadays available on your IOS and Androids. Precisely, these apps help you to maintain a record of your daily water consumption. Install them today, and let these apps guide you all day long. If you have better options, well and good. But, if you don’t, download an app, set the maximum reminders. And keep drinking your daily fuel.

Infuse Water With Sugary Drinks

There are so many people worldwide who love to mix water with their daily sugary drinks. And you can do the same this winter. In the cold, our body temperature is low; eventually, we don’t feel the thirst. But, when it comes to soft drinks, we always remain up for them. Not bad, just add some simple water with your sweet fluids to help your body digest it. Even if you’re about to drink a simple lemonade, mind adding some water in it. It doesn’t only help in improving your body’s water cycle. But, boost up your immune system as well during cold weather. This way, you encourage yourself to drink more water automatically. 

Keep a Water Bottle

Why you buy fancy water bottles for your child? Do you ever think about it? Because colors attract them, and they tend to drink from them. Your baby can come back home with the full tiffin, but their water bottle is always empty. The same rule applies to you. Just invest in a good water bottle and carry it always wherever you go. It reminds you to drink from it whenever you hold it in your hands. So, what could be a better reminder than a good water bottle itself? Just remember to use non-plastic containers. Reusable water bottles promote sipping, and they are also eco-friendly. 

Invest in a Filter

Well, we are the citizens of America. We don’t have to be concerned about the cleanness of water. Luckily, we enjoy the safe and pure tap water- vital for our well-being. Still, if you are unsure, you can invest in an authentic water filter machine. At least, your investment will motivate you to fill your glass and drink. Additionally, by installing filters, you can also add nutrients, purity, and taste to your daily dose of water. And the beauty is- water filters are affordable.

Eat Water Rich Foods

Luckily, our local markets are full of juicy fruits. And to increase our daily absorption of water, we can add water-rich fruits and veggies in our daily diet plan. The variety includes watermelon, celery, lettuce, and so on. For me, it’s the sneakiest way to maintain the water cycle of my body. And sipping all the time water is really boring. If we have options for eating H20, we shouldn’t be missing on them. Take all the advantages of natural gifts to meet your H2o needs. It’s healthy!


To summarize, I would say that without water, your body cannot function well. So, keeping yourself up with regular intake is vital for your optimal health. Drinking enough water is not less than any reward. It helps you to shine, grow, and live. So, avoiding it can lead to many hazards. Just start today. Drink as often as you can.