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Are You a Musician? Utilize Your Quarantine Time With These Amazing Tips

Hello, fellow musicians! Now, no matter what kind of musician you are, whether you are a guitarist, drummer, bassist, or any other instrumentalist, or singer, you must be facing some kind of “music troubles” since the coronavirus outbreak. It is a really tough time for everyone around the world. The pandemic has impacted every industry, and the music industry is no different. Shows have been canceled; bars, clubs, and restaurants are all closed to maintain social distancing, which is very important to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 disease. But, there are certain things that you can do for yourself and your music while you are at home during the quarantine. 

It is safe that things are changing rapidly for everyone because of the coronavirus pandemic. People are feeling stressed, and the mounting frustration is taking its toll on them, and many of these people are musicians. And while we all are staying indoors, I thought why not take advantage of this time. So, I contacted a few more musicians like me to come up with a few ideas or tips for every musician out there to make this difficult time more productive (and easier to get through it). It is also important to maintain your sanity and keep yourself healthy, so I also added some tips related to general wellbeing. I’m trying to imply these tips in my life too, and I’m already seeing some good results. So, whether you are a professional musician or just a weekend fighter, you can utilize this time to improve your skills with these simple tips. With that being said, let’s strum the strings!

Finish your old projects or revise some old compositions

There may be some old songs that you probably started working on but could never complete. Maybe you were working on something more important at that time, or maybe you just did not find any good ideas for it to complete at that time. Whatever the reason was, now is your time to go through those projects and finish them. And does not necessarily have to be a piece of music, it can be the design of your merch, design of the logo for your band (if you are in a band), or anything related to your music like mixing and mastering your old songs.  

You can also go through some of your old works and take a closer look at it. You might find something that you can do in a different way now. Just review your old work and look for some new changes and how you can improve in future projects. 

Sleep well and eat well

As I mentioned, it is very important for us to take care of our health and wellbeing. And there is no doubt that sleeping well is very crucial to achieve this goal. It is important for both your physical wellbeing and mental health. So, matter how tempting it is to finish that amazing web series in one go, you need to get enough sleep so that you can focus well on your music.

Then comes food! The key here is to eat fruits and vegetables. With a good diet, you can easily boost your immune system. So, add some green vegetables in your meals, and eat some fruits every day. 

Learn a new instrument

Believe me, this is one of the best tips anyone can offer. I can play the guitar well, but I always wanted to learn to play the piano. Because of my busy schedule before quarantine, I didn’t get much time to learn any new instrument. Whatever practice time I used to get, I would spend it on guitar, as it is my main instrument. But now as I have more time, I’ve started learning piano through online classes. If you also bought an instrument before intending to learn it, now is the perfect time for it!

Support fellow musicians and stay connected

More than anything else, we need to support each other during this difficult time. And this is my last and most important tip for you all of you musicians out there. And while the world is on a pause mode, there are no gigs in the near future, no secure source of income, I think every musician is on the same boat. So, you should find ways to support your fellow musicians, the local artists who are trying to do big things. You don’t have to support musicians financially. Simply buying their albums, or promoting them is also a kind of support. You can find more ways to support them.

Stay connected with people through social media platforms. You can collaborate with other artists on different projects, and share your music with them. Trust me, it is one of the best things you can do during the quarantine.

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