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A Beginner’s Guide to Decorating Your Living Room

Which is the most used space in your house? I personally feel it is your living room and it deserves the utmost attention, care, and love. Because this is the place where you hang out with your friends, invite your guests, and spend time with your family. So, your room has to be perfect and in order to make the living space outshine many people hire interior designers and professional decorators. However, hiring a professional will definitely burn a hole in your pocket. Instead, you can self-decorate your living room and even if you don’t know how to decorate it, here are a few ideas that you might like to follow. 

Arrange your living room properly

You can hire the best cleaning services like cleaning services NYC or individuals professionals to clean up your living room. But it won’t appear stunning until you arrange it properly. So here are a few things you can do to arrange your living room. 

Look for the focal point in the room. It could be the fireplace, a large window, a TV or a wall decorated with several pictures. Once you have established the focal point, start placing your furniture around it. 

Make sure you position the sofas not too close but conveniently near to each other. So that everyone can talk to each other comfortably. But in the case of large living rooms, you might want to create a separate sitting space. A separate sitting space will help people talk in close proximity. 

In addition to this, also make sure that you arrange your furniture in a way that it leaves enough walking space. It is also noteworthy that you should never place your furniture against the wall. Because placing the pieces close to each other will create a more intimate setting and your living room will look stunning. 

Do not leave the walls empty

Empty walls will make your living room look dull. But this does not mean that you start covering your walls with various pieces of art. Instead, you can cover your wall with one piece of art and it will still look amazing. So, to create a cohesive and enticing look you can play around with colors, theme, and be as creative as possible. 

To begin with, you can start by covering one section of the wall with disparate pieces. From pictures, mirrors to antique pieces, a chaotic arrangement will actually make your walls look unique. 

Not only this but you can also play with levels and add depth to your room. The perfect way to do this is by picking a wall that is against a piece of furniture. For example, a wall behind the credenza. To add layers you can place the picture right above the mantle. This way the object on the mantle and the wall will look like they are part of the same arrangement. 

You can also play around with the colors. Like a bright pink painting with a pink colored with a metallic mirror and another painting with shades of pink. This way you can be creative and decide what goes on the wall. 

Cover your floors with area rugs

Area rugs might seem like a simple thing to place in the living room. But here’s what you don’t know. First and foremost there is a thumb rule to place an area rug. That rule requires you to place the rug right beneath the furniture but away from the sides of the wall. It also asks you to know the size of the room and how the furniture is arranged. 

The size of the room will establish how long your rug should be so that it doesn’t make your room look disjointed. And the furniture arrangement will help you position the rug correctly. So, before getting a rug make sure you have all these things in mind. 

Also, a rug will help in sound reduction, establish a feeling of warmth and comfort, anchor the furniture in your room. All these qualities add a sense of belonging to the living room. So make sure you have a nice rug in your living room. 

Choose the lighting carefully 

Installing a good light in the room can be a bit tricky. So, it is best to incorporate all three types of light in the living room. This means that you can install ambient, task, and accent lights in different section sections of your living room. From chandeliers, floor and table lamps, wall sconces to recessed lighting you can experiment with all kinds of lights. 

An overhead chandelier is a mandate but you can also go with recessed lightings. They will add a modern charm to the entire setting. As far as the lamps are concerned you can place them on the side tables or in some other setting. Also, make sure that you cover specific areas with overhead fixtures. This way you will be able to accentuate the lighting space from all corners of the living room. 

Be careful with the choice of paint color

Choosing the right paint is quite confusing and it is something a lot of us struggle with. So, make sure you don’t go wrong while choosing the right color for your living room walls. However, painting is a task that will keep your budget in the right shape. You can choose the best colors without having to worry about the cost. But before choosing the right color, here’s what you can do. 

Each color has its own definition. Like suede brown color is associated with relaxation and you will never get tired of looking at Chesapeake yellow. So, every color can be associated with the mood of the room. Not only this but you can also paint the wall in contrast to the color of your furniture. This way you will have a perfect living room and the moment you crash on the sofa, you will heave a deep sigh and congratulate yourself on creating a stunning living room. 

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